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In 1994, Coastal Boot Company of Miami Florida introduced a new line of boots to their inventory. The fashion and work boots were designed and manufactured by Coastal for the Snap-on corporation of America, the worlds biggest supplier of hand tools for professional car and truck technicians, aviation and marine mechanics and industrial engineers.

In February 1996, Coast To Coast Boot Company was given exclusive rights to distribute Snap-on footwear - "Tools for your feet" in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. Sales commenced in October 1996 and Snap-on footwear now plays an increasingly essential part of everyday work wear. Not only this but they are also gaining popularity to people who are fashion conscious.

What makes Snap-on footwear so special? With over 75 years experience in automative tools, Snap-on Tools has received worldwide recognition for attaining the ultimate in quality across its product range. Snap-on "Tools for your feet" is a natural extension of this.

The range is made for working men and women who want the very best in high performance footwear for either work or leisure. Wearing Snap-on branded footwear sets you ahead of the ordinary, just as using Snap-on Tools means you get the very best in the market.

Our boots are manufactured to a very high standard. You can read more detailed information about the technology that goes into our footwear by clicking here.

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